Tre Casiedde: a Holiday Home in the trulli of the Itria Valley

Let me tell you the story of this corner of paradise close to Ostuni

When I think of the trulli at Tre Casiedde I think of a dream come true. A common dream, shared by my family, intertwined with the story of this place and of this red-soiled and welcoming land.

One day three people, like the three trulli that you’ll find at our Holiday Home, found their corner of paradise and chose it as the place to seed passion and dedication. In 1992 my brother, my sister and her husband bought a compound of seven trulli at the hearth of the Itria Valley, between Cisternino, Martina Franca and Ostuni. Here the family lived its best moments of sharing and harmony, restoring four of the seven typical Apulian cone shaped dwellings and living in them. The other three, the Tre Casiedde, were abandoned for over 18 years until, in June 2010, my family donated them to me

For years, or rather decades, we met in this place sharing summers, walks, hugs, dinners. And just like this land, my soul was nourished by this experience, welcoming a new self that has grown and blossomed over time.

That’s what Tre Casiedde is about: comfort, solace, tradition and tranquility. And I would like it to be the same for each of my guests.

“This sturdy dwelling is solace to the body and soul,these trulli are a ship sailing the countryside, inviting to peace and thought. Everything will pass Nicoletta, but like this strong walls.What will be left of this time is pure memories.”

(Luca Fanelli, poem from the Guest Book at Tre Casiedde)

Tre Casiedde, modernity following tradition.

How ancient trulli used to be, the “tre casiedde” (three little houses).

The Holiday Home Tre Casiedde was originally formed by a group of three trulli of different dimensions and a small lamia (barrel vault room), all built with the dry stone technique. According to the local oral tradition, the three trulli date back to the end of the XVIII century.

To preserve the building tradition that made the Itria Valley trulli famous all over the world, we restored the roofs of our trulli with the traditional sloping chianche stones arranged in concentric circles.

The restoration of the trulli: turning them into a Holiday Home in Apulia

In 2010 Tre Casiedde expanded, with an important project of restoration of the trulli and lamia room.

In agreement with my family we decided to create a new building, wrapping around the wall supporting the trulli like an embrace, without cutting into them, creating a single narrow corridor connecting the new building to the old one through an already existing large niche, in the central larger trullo.

We built a new small bedroom, whose shape is inspired by the traditional trullo in Ostuni, with its “star-shaped” dome. The kitchen-living room area was designed to remind the ancient structure of the lamie, with a cosy fireplace inset in the back wall.

Piantina della struttura di Tre Casiedde, casa vacanze in Puglia

The very thick tufa stone walls recreate the typical micro-climate of traditional local dwellings. Tufa stone and masonry were used to make most of the interior design elements: the fireplace, the cupboards, the kitchen and the benches outside; they are all part of the building and plaster finished.

The outdoor area was carefully designed to continue the style and vibe of the indoor space, and it is its natural evolution.

Particular care was devoted to protecting the existing olive orchards.



Sleeping in the trulli: rooms for rent at Tre Casiedde

A unique experience of sharing and thoughtfulness in my Holiday Home

Tre Casiedde offers the chance to spend a holiday in an evocative atmosphere. The trulli and the lamia make three bedrooms, each named after one of the plants and trees that can be admired in the surrounding garden: Lavanda (lavender), Rosmarino (rosemary) and Carrubo (carob tree).

Two rooms with access to one bathroom – Rosmarino and Carrubo – face each other and are connected by a common hall; they are ideal for a small group. Lavanda, with en-suite bathroom, is ideal for couples.


Lavanda has a star-shaped dome, reproducing the classic trullo of the Ostuni tradition. My family calls it “the ancestors room” since there are two ancient pictures hanging from the walls, the printings of two old photos, one portraying my mother’s family and the other my father’s. The bedspread was handmade by my grandmother, another link between past and present. The room has en-suite bathroom and access to a roomy veranda, the ancient pigsty, where guests can have breakfast with homemade products.


Carrubo is a crossroad of tastes, influences and time. The tall bedside table was my great-grandmother’s; the low bedside table has been up-cycled from an old “priso” holder (priso is the dialect word for chamber pot) and now a cupboard for bed sheets and blankets. The small niche holds a terracotta statue of S. Nicola, the symbol of my connection with the city of Bari and the transversal spirituality, not necessarily religious, that is typical of my family. The colorful lamps come from Istanbul, while the wall mounted lights are made of local stone, handcrafted by local craftsmen. The wardrobe comes from Indonesia, and the hand embroidered band covering the two pillows was made by my grandmother. The room respects the trulli tradition of not having a door, and is closed by a curtain.


Rosmarino is a small lamia with a barrel vault and has a single bed. The bedside table is made from an ancient chamber pot holder, similar to the one in Lavanda room. All the setup comes from tradition: lights comes from ceramic lanterns and the tin plate is the typical white and blue of local production. Rosmarino room does not have a door and communicates with the nearby fireplace trullo; you can sit around it lying on comfortable cushions and enjoy the intimate and warm atmosphere. Just a few steps away, a sofa and a coffee table to relax with a drink or a cup of tea.


Relaxing holidays, drinks, yoga and so much more: enjoy the Tre Casiedde experience.

A gift to yourself: moments to remember among the trulli at the hearth of the Itria Valley

Renting a room in a trullo and staying at Tre Casiedde is only a part of the experience that this Holiday Home can offer. My deepest desire is that each of my guests can enjoy Tre Casiedde in all its glory. How? Tasting breakfast based on the typical products of the Apulian tradition. Using the two roomy verandas to relax, meditate or celebrate with friends and family. Enjoying the extraordinary view of the Apulian red earth and of the rich vegetation of the Itria Valley surrounding the trulli and being a part of it (olive trees, holm oak, oaks, carob trees, prickly pears, rosemary, lavender and fruit trees). A treat for the eyes and for the senses.


For the first meal of the day, the most important, there will be everything you need for a complete and wholesome breakfast to prepare on your own. On request, it can be enriched with cakes and typical products of traditional Apulian cuisine. Be it outdoors, on one of the two wonderful verandas, or indoors the kitchen-living room, you will enjoy a unique and enticing view to start your day in the best possible way.


Spending time together with friends and family are among my most cherished memories at Tre Casiedde, and I really wish each and every one of my guests to form the same memories during their stay here. On request and booking in advance, I can organize small functions and drinks, indoors and outdoors, to share with friends, family, colleagues. Overnight stay not necessary.

Yoga and meditation

Peace and tranquility, fresh and pure air, wide horizons and contact with nature make Tre Casiedde the perfect residence among trulli to practice yoga and meditation in total relax and outdoors. I have been long practicing and, if they wish, I can support my guests to start this journey of their body and soul.


Just like I did with interior decoration, I have brought something from my journeys to my kitchen. In my indoor lamia room or on the veranda, you can taste, on request, many different teas from the oriental tradition bringing the flavor of far away places and herbal teas made with aromatic and therapeutic herbs from the area. A simple pause will turn into an experience to remember and tell your loved one about.

Hiking and biking

My land is a vital and revitalizing part of Tre Casiedde and my guests can experience it any time. I always suggest relaxing walks in the groove around the trulli, to pause in the shadow of olive trees. Bicycle rides, with your own or with a rented bike, among the beautiful fruit trees (pear, lemon, fig, cherry and almond trees), caressed by the scent of lavender, will be impossible to forget.



How to reach the Holiday Home

Tre Casiedde is located in Contrada San Salvatore di Ostuni (BR), and easy to reach both from Bari and from Brindisi.

The map shows all indications and coordinates to reach the B&B by car.

mappa per raggiungere trecasiedde-15

On demand, I can reach my guests in Martina Franca or Ostuni and bring them home.

Discover the most beautiful cities of the Itria Valley to visit during your stay at Tre Casiedde.

To know availability and costs and to make reservations please fill in the form or call +39 334 38 34 922.

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In detail

The coordinates to get to the point where you need to turn on the rural road

40.696067, 17.445188

From Ostuni towards Martina Franca
SP14 12.7 km

From Martina Franca towards Ostuni
via Ostuni 4.5 km SP14 4,4 km

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The Surroundings

Places near Tre Casiedde

Ostuni, Cisternino, Martina Franca: three towns you must visit

Nei pressi di Tre Casiedde: Ostuni

Ostuni (13 km from Tre Casiedde)

Ostuni is a delightful little town built on three hills and also known as “the white town” for the typical white lime washed walls of its houses. The old town, with its intricate tangle of alleys, narrow streets and small lanes surrounded by snow white buildings, is truly unforgettable. Unmissable monuments to visit are the cathedral and the archbishop’s palace.

It is a well known tourist destination, to visit all through the year. To know more about it, visit the website of the municipality.

Cisternino (6 km from Tre Casiedde)

The Italian national association of municipalities (ANCI) voted it among one of the most beautiful villages of the country; Cisternino is a jewel on the crown of the Itria Valley, up at 400 meters of height and overlooking it. The little town, built starting from the XI century, is perfectly preserved and can be visited by tourists interested in its history and folk traditions. The most relevant monuments include Torre Grande (the Great Tower), built under Frederick II of Swabia, and the Chiesa Madre, the main church, dedicated to Saint Nicholas.

Cisternino is on the path of the “ciclovia dell’acqua”, a charming cycling path running along the Apulian aqueduct.

Cisternino nei pressi di Tre Casiedde
Nei pressi di Tre Casiedde Martina Franca

Martina Franca (10 km from Tre Casiedde)

Martina Franca is the most important town of the Itria Valley. Visiting its old town, rich of wonderful baroque buildings, will leave you speechless for the beauty and magnificence of its palaces and churches. Not to miss is the San Martino Minor Basilica.

Since 1974 Martina Franca has been the home of a renowned festival held in summer and hosting world level operas, concerts and dance performances.